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FiveMinute.net. A site with a mission: to make your life easier. Every year our attention spans get shorter, but TVs get bigger. 5MV is here to fight these opposing trends and bring balance. Any site can summarize an episode for you -- but how many cover every detail in a mere five minutes?

Since more and more 5M.net fans have LiveJournals, Zeke (5M.net's creator and a renowned procrastination expert) has created this community. Updates to the site will be linked here, so whenever there's new content, you'll hear about it right on your friends page. All members are welcome to start their own threads of interest to 5M.net readers. It's kinda like the forums, except that LJ is inherently cool or something.

If you're a fiver fan and an LJer, this is the place to be. If you're just an LJer, poke around the site and see how you like it. If you're neither, what are you doing here? Spying, perhaps? Guards!

(Note the First: Why "5mv"? Because the show we started out with was Voyager, so for a long time the site name was Five-Minute Voyager. We've had other shows for years now, but we didn't officially change the name till recently. Brand recognition, ya know.)

(Note the Second: Our design is the work of sarken, Mulgrewite par excellence and CSSer to the stars. Thanks, SR!)